30 Things Costco Refuses to Sell Anymore

When it comes to Costco, saying goodbye to our favorites has never been easy. Sure, things come and go at Costco, and we can all reasonably expect that not everything will restock. However, some things certainly stick around longer than others, and letting go of those things can be lot more difficult to manage. Bringing us simple comfort, the best items were on our shopping list every time – until they weren’t.

Some of our Costco favorites, throughout the years, we came to depend on in many cases, and perhaps even took for granted. And once Costco stopped selling them, we came to lament what we’ve lost.

Often Costco will remove items that aren’t selling as well as they would have liked, but in other cases there are more controversial reasons for taking products off the shelves.

That being said, here we’ve highlighted some of the most talked-about Costco items that the wholesale retailer just plain refuses to bring back. From short-lived controversies to fan-favorites, these Costco products will never see the light of day again. But what exactly happened to these consumer goods? These are the things Costco refuses to sell anymore. Let’s take a look at these items you still won’t find on shelves!