Here's How Much Barbie Has Changed Throughout the Years

Since the release of the highly-anticipated Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie, we can't help but get a little nostalgic. Most women remember playing with their first Barbie doll— at least, it’s a memory of a tub filled with accessories, plastic shoes, and half-dressed dolls with ratty hair. Needless to say, Barbies was a revolutionary toy for young girls when baby dolls dominated the market. 

The mystique of Barbie is her maturity paired with the flexibility to become whoever a child dreams her to be. Mattel produces plethoras of career-centered Barbies that allow kids to understand a woman’s potential to make lasting differences in the world. Not only is Barbie a role model, but she comes in all shapes and sizes, from the aforementioned career dolls to princesses and influential figures (the Fairytopia Barbie was my particular favorite). Nothing is off-limits for Barbie! 

Starting with her debut in ‘59, Barbie has transformed greatly throughout the years. From mermaids to Kens and Kellys, which Barbie do you have the fondest memories of? Not every Barbie is included in this list, but we tried to pick the most notable. Was it the Malibu Barbie? Or the more recent Fashionista line? If anything, all of this Barbie talk makes me want to pull out that old tub from the closet...