Celebrities Who Got Blacklisted in Hollywood

If you're a rich and famous actor, it takes a lot for Hollywood to turn on you. The city is full of self-absorbed jerks, but as long as you bring in the views and the big bucks, people are generally happy to look the other way while you behave like an angry toddler. However, even Hollywood has its limits when it comes to annoying or bad behavior, and some celebrities have found this out the hard way!

Today, we're taking a look at stars that have been blacklisted from jobs in Hollywood. And we're not talking about stars who were unfairly blacklisted by studios in the 1950s over accusations of communism—these stars are mostly modern-day actors who just couldn't seem to keep their egos and bad behavior in check. There was no government pressure to give these actors the boot. Instead, people just collectively decided that they were tired of working with such difficult stars. 

From stars putting their foot in their mouth repeatedly online to actual illegal behavior that caused one star to attempt to flee the country, these are the Hollywood celebrities who won't be getting a call back from the studios any time soon! 

Let's get started!