40 Biggest Celebrity Falls From Grace

Do people ever think about the most prominent celebrity falls from grace? It’s tough to think about, honestly. We know a lot about celebrities – probably more than we ever want or need to know. Heck, some stars even let us know what they had for breakfast in the morning…as if that would be information anyone really has to know. Regardless, this helps us understand famous people and see how they live their lives. At the end of the day, that’s all they really are, anyway. They’re just regular people living lives that are extra lavish.

These celebs earned our trust, and some have kept it—like Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris. But not every famous person out there has the same belief that you should be a trustworthy, kind, and honest person. In a matter of days, these celebs went from sitting high on a pedestal to falling from grace and being despised by the general public. What do you think about our choices? Did we miss anyone you think should go on the list?